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:heart: :glomp: KONNICHIWA MINNA-san!!!!!!!!  :hug: :heart:
....... What??? O.O previous journal was in May (My God!!! .....long long looong time ago ^^;  )
:floating: Well..... Thank you very much for visiting me!!!!!!! :w00t:
=D  Watched + Watchers = Great people!!! :rose:
(no special order!!! :XD: )
:bulletpurple: niisan :bulletpurple: Aliesaw :bulletpurple:  silentkitty :bulletpurple:  unkn0wngur1 :bulletpurple:  ShampooNeko :bulletpurple:  ZCazzieZ :bulletpurple:  PapaSmurf42 :bulletpurple: Born-To-Die :bulletpurple: kitsune-gekkani :bulletpurple:   Ilex-Aquifolium :bulletpurple: Toreishi :bulletpurple:  kuro-chan :bulletpurple:  yuqi-chan :bulletpurple:  fresh4u :bulletpurple: Rum-and-Sherry :bulletpurple: ChaseLowlle :bulletpurple: GawainesAngel :bulletpurple: AlexandreLancaster :bulletpurple: yoru-chan-9-13 :bulletpurple: chimaron :bulletpurple: camila-croft :bulletpurple: Celebes :bulletpurple: Cosnett :bulletpurple: reduz :bulletpurple: Phayd2Dark :bulletpurple: vampgurl123 :bulletpurple: Fluturi :bulletpurple: celloangel :bulletpurple: Eniar :bulletpurple: syrupee-kitten :bulletpurple: Amy-Pixel :bulletpurple: Meiyaku :bulletpurple: zaibot :bulletpurple: gemiange :bulletpurple: Linachan :bulletpurple: MoreProject :bulletpurple: strawberrycake :bulletpurple: asynjur :bulletpurple: Tsukanei :bulletpurple: LuneJade :bulletpurple: Funk-Machine :bulletpurple: Glittercandy :bulletpurple: aramaki :bulletpurple: enduro :bulletpurple: lorine :bulletpurple: lumi-sama :bulletpurple: crazi8s :bulletpurple: Lasaro :bulletpurple: Keisuke-Nonohara :bulletpurple: luvjoi :bulletpurple: Oniko :bulletpurple: blameshiori :bulletpurple: whisperimaginary :bulletpurple: prisslolita :bulletpurple: Festara :bulletpurple: Loreena24 :bulletpurple: kurot :bulletpurple: shikou-aikou :bulletpurple: virak :bulletpurple: creamy-bun :bulletpurple: evilnekohilda :bulletpurple: saucywench :bulletpurple: nemisiscat :bulletpurple: morea :bulletpurple: nursenikki :bulletpurple: lady-alessandra :bulletpurple: panimi :bulletpurple: ryamcshme :bulletpurple: bluetiger47 :bulletpurple: Mura-Katze :bulletpurple: yukiblade :bulletpurple: yami-kira :bulletpurple: EternalButterfly :bulletpurple: Firefly-Raye :bulletpurple: musicholic-bear :bulletpurple: InfernoDante :bulletpurple: KohanaKitten :bulletpurple: ice-fox :bulletpurple: FrostArtAngel :bulletpurple: nyetabbi :bulletpurple: arcobyte :bulletpurple: Grey-Faerie :bulletpurple: Shayde-chan :bulletpurple: lumbren :bulletpurple: tia-kun :bulletpurple: shinjukudemon :bulletpurple: otakitty :bulletpurple: jiko29 :bulletpurple: Idess :bulletpurple: xanaphia00 :bulletpurple: nessa :bulletpurple: Aria-of-Light :bulletpurple: ahowa :bulletpurple: Animixter :bulletpurple: NEPi :bulletpurple: amazingspiderchick :bulletpurple: leviathen :bulletpurple: Nekomis :bulletpurple: ravennozumi :bulletpurple: KazeSorceress :bulletpurple: Bunga :bulletpurple: RurouniInuGirl :bulletpurple: ItchyStitch :bulletpurple: Beyonder-Arcane :bulletpurple: Hatsu-chan :bulletpurple: evilshara :bulletpurple: SashiMizumoto :bulletpurple: Sakito-Miyabi :bulletpurple: 13th-angel :bulletpurple: cure80 :bulletpurple: aegaaru :bulletpurple: JessM :bulletpurple: NeverReallyHere :bulletpurple: lil-aisha-owner :bulletpurple: seadworp :bulletpurple: LoveableNeko :bulletpurple: ayokaeu :bulletpurple: shuisho :bulletpurple: haewkrapong :bulletpurple: lunavai :bulletpurple: MysticWispers [Bullet; 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[Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart]
Great Clubs!!! [Love]
:iconmanganimelatino:[Bullet; Purple]:iconmrslothfans:[Bullet; Purple]:icondarrenshanclub:[Bullet; Purple]:iconlasaro-lovers:[Bullet; Purple]:iconclamp-club:[Bullet; Purple]:iconkurot-fans:
Matane!!!!!!! [Hug]
[Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart] [Bullet; Purple] [Heart]
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Kairi315 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2004  Student Interface Designer
gee there r sooo many i cant tell if im on there or not! thats ok if im not.
exdevlin Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Waaah! Sankyuu for putting me there, I really appreciate you acknowledging everyone.. You're so sweet! :heart: :hug:
aegaaru Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004
ohhh ahi toy! grachias n_n
CMackthe3rd Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004
It was easy to find my name... the one before the last . ^^
Aresin Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004
Me pierdo x_X...voy a confiar en que me querés taaaanto taaaaaaanto que estoy ahí :heart: :blowkiss:
sun-flowerfairy13 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There are so many names! I can't even find mine! :lmao:
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August 15, 2004